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Blackbird is an up and coming artist, originally from the island of Cyprus. Influenced by Greek mythology and island sounds. Her music captures the Byzantine, mediterranean scales as well as upbeat House beats.

Her life was always influenced by music, film and art in general which finally pushed her to pursue her artistic dreams. In 2016, Blackbird took a huge leap off the island and moved to Hollywood, where those dreams became a reality. Fresh off the boat, she has booked countless acting roles; starring as the lead in both film and theater, making appearances on high profile music videos, and even shining off-camera as she has produced award winning music videos and short films. During her film days, Blackbird still made time to write her music and melodies and test them out at Open Mics in Los Angeles, but never took the risk to produce them until she met Saint Lago in 2022. They have been working countless hours and days on songs that will definitely pave a new genre. Blackbird is now starting to grab the audience's attention not only with her cinematic eye but her vocal range, power and melodic minor melodies.

Best Song

Abstract Background
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